Three Popular Rodent Hot Spots In Your Home

Rodents are a common problem for homeowners. They are a threat to human health because they carry diseases that can be transmitted to people. They also have been known to contaminate food with their feces and urine. If you have a rodent problem, it’s important to identify where they’re coming from so you can take action to eliminate them.

Here are three of the most prevalent rodent breeding grounds:

1. Garage and Attic

A garage is an ideal place for mice and rats to set up shop. It’s warm, quiet, and provides plenty of food sources. Additionally, garages often have cracks in the walls that allow rodents to enter easily. Mice will usually nest in boxes or in small spaces like beneath shelving or behind wood panels. Rats prefer open areas with plenty of access points, such as empty corners or under vehicles.

2. Crawl Space and Basement

Crawl spaces are another common area for rodents to find shelter from predators and the elements. They also like basements because they’re dark and damp — similar to the conditions found in their natural habitat. Seal all holes with steel wool or putty, then fill any gaps with foam insulation or caulk to prevent them from making themselves at home in these spots. You should also make sure that there aren’t any small openings through which they can get inside your home (such as an open window). Finally, if necessary, hire an exterminator who uses environmentally friendly methods of eradicating pests like rats and mice.

3. Kitchen

Rodents love to feast on your food, and that includes pantries stocked with grains and cereal. The most common way rodents get into your pantry is through small holes in the walls or flooring. They also use pipes and electrical cables as pathways into your house. To keep rodents out of the kitchen, seal up any holes they may use to get inside, such as a hole under a door leading to the garage. If you have any gaps around pipes or cables, cover them with wire mesh or caulk to prevent them from entering through there as well. It’s important to make sure that you keep your kitchen clean and free of any food crumbs or other organic materials that might attract rodents.

Final Takeaway

Rodent control is a big deal, as it’s important to keep your home sanitary. Unfortunately, rodents can be stubborn pests, and they can adapt to changes in the environment that you make. However, with regular inspections from experts, you should be able to trap and keep away the larger rats that could cause damage or diseases.

At Granada Pest Control, we want to minimize your stress by providing quality customer service and professional guidance as we build a plan together to eliminate the problem from your home. Give us a call if we can help!