Five Factors that Attract Cockroaches to Stay in Your Home

When you discover cockroaches in your home, your stomach drops. These pesky pests have been linked to the spread of disease and the exacerbation of allergies. Furthermore, once they’ve settled in, they’re difficult to get rid of. Keeping cockroaches out of your home is far easier than dealing with an active infestation. If you make any of the following mistakes or engage in any of the following habits, you are inviting cockroaches into your home. Make changes as soon as possible to keep these bugs at bay.

1. Exceptional Smell

Roaches will consume nearly anything, although they are particularly fond of sweets. The potpourri scented like apple pie that you just placed could be regarded as an open invitation to a free buffet dinner. A bowl of sugar or a box of sugary cereal that hasn’t been sealed can likewise appeal to their senses. They enjoy a variety of scents, not just pleasant ones. Their appetites are piqued by the smell of garbage, compost, or dirty laundry, among other things. A cluster of grocery bags and empty boxes with a faint scent of food attracts their attention, and they eat it up. Despite the fact that it is impossible to completely eliminate all household odors, reducing them to the bare minimum will help.

2. Meats

Hamburger, chicken, and turkey are all excellent protein sources for cockroaches. They enjoy small, unnoticed droppings and are quick to sniff them out. If you leave leftover meat on the counter or stove, expect a cockroach family to invade. If you spill meat juice when cooking, wipe it up immediately, or you’ll wind up with a cockroach infestation.

3. Moisture

Roaches prefer moist, dark environments. Leaky pipes under sinks, damp basements, leaking air conditioners, roof leaks, standing water, and even heaps of wet leaves outside your home can be enticing. In general, anything that can promote mold growth will also attract roaches, so address any household moisture issues as soon as possible.

4. Pet Supplies

A thirsty roach sees a pet’s water bowl as a pool of bliss, and there’s a free kibble buffet right next to it. If you have a roach problem, try feeding your pets several times a day rather than leaving food out. Keep pet food in airtight plastic containers and away from dark corners. For advice and an evaluation of your home, give us a call.

5. Paper and cardboard

Although old boxes and piles of paper may not appear edible to us, roaches consider fibrous, organic materials to be a major food group. If you have a stack of boxes, especially if they are sitting undisturbed in a dark space, roaches will find it appealing. Switch to sealable plastic storage containers to solve the problem.

Stop Cockroaches Today!

Once established in your home, roaches can be extremely difficult to control and eliminate. If you have a cockroach or other pest problem, give us a call today! We’ll help you identify the type of pest you have and provide you with an appropriate treatment and prevention plan.