The word “scorpions” alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. This creature is constantly present in horror movies and thrillers to impede the protagonists’ escape or force a confession. The worst part is that if you discover a scorpion in your home, there are almost likely around. If this occurs, consult your local pest control Surprise AZ professional, who can identify the species and help you remove it in your house.


Fortunately, our team at Granada Pest Control has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to removing scorpions from Arizona homes and businesses. With these tips, we can teach you how to execute some of the following prevention and elimination measures:

  • Don’t Freak Out

Scorpions rarely attack unless provoked. Panicking, screaming, and throwing items will likely scare the scorpion away, causing you to lose sight of it. Even worse than not knowing there’s a scorpion in your house is not being able to see it.

  • It’s Time to Seal It Up

Scorpions can be kept out of your home using silicone chalking, which seals any cracks between the exterior and interior. You should use chalking to seal up any holes in your home’s floor or foundation that isn’t supposed to be there. As well as crawling up drainpipes, scorpions have been known to infiltrate your home through the sink and showers. To avoid this, run the water for half a minute before showering or washing dishes, or buy a mesh seal that fits over the drainage opening.

  • Get Rid of Excessive Moisture in Your House

Look for locations that leak or flood during wet weather and patch any cracks or breaks in flooring or walls with silicone chalk. Scorpions can enter your home from various areas, and a fracture or break in the foundation is not an impediment to their progress. Most scorpions can fit through a fissure the size of a plastic card; therefore, a sealant is essential. Also, if you live in a scorpion-infested area, make sure your window screens fit nicely to the frame with no free space for scorpions to slide through and invest in door seals.

  • Pesticides May Be Used

If you want to use pesticides as a scorpion repellent, always research the adverse effects on both people and pets, as sickness might result from their use. Avoid vacuuming the carpet after spraying pesticides since it dries into small crystals, and vacuuming will render it worthless. Pesticides should be sprayed or sprinkled along baseboards, entrances, electrical outlets, and window seals. If you’re not sure what areas need to be treated or what insecticide to use, hiring a professional in pest control Surprise AZ would be a good idea.

The bottom line is that scorpions are one of the most feared pests to discover in your home. Yes, you can get rid of scorpions on your own. But still, to save you time and money, you may want to consult a professional pest control in Surprise, AZ. With the help of Granada Pest Control’s trained and experienced specialists, we can rid your home of scorpions and keep them away for good.