Pests threaten all living things, whether humans, animals, or plants. Pests are any living entity that harms humans, their surroundings, animals, or food supply. If you have pest problems, you may assume you need to call a pest control firm. However, there are several things that you can do to get rid of bugs and keep them away.

Here are five techniques to eliminate pests without hiring an exterminator:

Pest Removal Methods

  1. Baits Traps Method

Bait traps are generally used for mice and rats because they live underground and eat seeds and grains. Several kinds of bait traps are available commercially, including snap traps, glue boards, and live traps. Use these traps in areas where you can see evidence of rodents or insects like droppings or nests. You can also use baits to lure them into the trap.

  1. Organic Pest Control Method

Many people employ natural solutions to reduce insect and small animal damage while avoiding affecting other plants or animals. Pests are killed using powerful predator traps and baits. Sodium fluoroacetate is a biodegradable toxin used in pest control baits. It is the most cost-effective way to control pests in challenging terrain. The use of oil sprays, parasitic nematodes, floating row covers, insecticidal soap, etc.

  1. Biological Control Method

This method is mostly utilized in greenhouses but can be used outside. Predators, parasites, and pathogens are introduced to control pests biologically to disrupt their capacity to procreate and infect them with a lethal bacterial disease. Beneficial insects feed on pest larvae, slowing their growth. This method is safe for your plants, family, and wildlife, unlike pesticides. The right species must be used in the right conditions for this to work.

  1. Hygiene Control Method

Cleanliness attracts fewer pests, so don’t provide a breeding ground or food for them. Control pests at home and work by being clean. Always clean up after meals, putting leftovers in a trash bin wrapped in plastic. Keep all cupboards, floors, stoves, and other household things clean. Clean up weeds and rubbish from a garden, and use fresh mulch and natural fertilizers. Pesticides will be used less frequently if proper hygiene is addressed.

  1. Chemical Pesticides Method

Thousands of chemical pesticides are utilized in homes, businesses, stores, farms, and many other places today. Pesticides are dangerous, contaminating land, air, food, and water. They can sometimes be too dangerous for the people who use them and other living beings around. Pesticides come in solid, liquid, and aerosol forms and are classified according to the type of pest they kill. Before using a pesticide on your own, always read the label and prevent contaminating unprotected food, drinks, utensils, and other usable items lying around. If you are having problems handling pesticides on your own, contact pest control service providers to assist you.


By taking preventative measures, keeping your home from becoming a haven for pests, and using pest removal techniques that penetrate the terrier of their nests and colonies, you will be able to keep unwanted guests out of your home. Granada Pest Control remains available at any time should you suspect a pest infestation. We help you get rid of your home of unwelcome guests so you can live a calm and safe life in a bug-free environment. Call today to schedule an appointment.