What is Natural Pest Control in Peoria AZ?

A home often sees unwanted visitors regularly in the form of pests. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs, and other pests make their way into homes regularly. And getting rid of these tenacious intruders can become a headache. One way to get rid of them is to hire professional pest control Peoria AZ. They provide a range of pest control services, including bedbug extermination, termite removal, and cockroach control Peoria AZ for residential properties, to name a few.

However, there are also natural methods that you can try to protect your home from pest infestation. We have discussed natural pest control methods that can help keep your home pest-free.

What is Natural Pest Control?

Natural pest control involves using natural remedies to keep pests at bay. Natural ingredients are used to control these pesky invaders. The ingredients can be found easily in your homes, or you can find them at local convenience stores.

Some of the natural pest control methods include:

What Are Natural Pest Control Methods?

Following are five natural pest control methods that you can use for pest control at Peoria AZ residential and commercial properties.

Lemons And Oranges

Smells are a good way to drive away pests from home. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are a good way to drive pests away. You can create a lemon or orange spray by cutting the fruits and adding the juices to water. You can also make use of lemon and orange essential oils for the same.

Simply transfer the water and juice/oil mixture to a small spray container and sprinkle the repellent throughout the house. Make sure that you don’t miss out on corners and hard-to-reach spaces. These areas can be easily sprayed with a small container.

Scented Candles

Scented candles not only add to the ambiance of the house but also act as excellent pest repellents. You can buy these candles from the local convenience store or prepare them at home.

If you are preparing them at home, you will need melted wax and essential oils. You can use lemon or orange-scented essential oils, as mentioned above. You can also use other scents like lavender, cinnamon, or clove to prepare the candles.

Simply light and keep them at entrance points for pests such as doors and windows to prevent pests from entering your home.

Borax Powder

Borax powder, commonly used as laundry detergent, is an excellent solution for cockroach control in Peoria AZ residential homes. Take a container and mix equal parts of borax powder and sugar to make a uniform powder.

Keep this mixture at pest entrance points like doors and windows. Similarly, leave it at places where you have previously noticed cockroaches. The smell of sugar will attract the cockroaches, while eating the borax powder will dehydrate and poison them. Thus, the cockroaches will die. Moreover, the cockroaches will carry the mixture back to their colonies, poisoning the entire lair.


In addition to the well-known benefits like providing oxygen and cooling the environment, plants also help to ward off pests—especially spiders. Spiders don’t like the smell of certain plants and prefer to stay away.

There are a variety of plants that you can keep in your house to keep the friendly neighborhood spider away(sorry for the pun). These include basil, lavender, mint, rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus, chrysanthemums, and marigold, to name a few.

These plants have a strong but pleasant odor. While the smells may trigger spiders, they are definitely good for humans.

Adopt a Pet

Yes, pets such as cats and dogs are good at keeping pests away and act as natural pest control. These animals have natural hunting and killing instincts that help keep pests far from home. Dogs and cats can help keep mice, lizards, cockroaches, and other rodents away. They also act like your friend and a companion. However, there is a cost to having a pet at home. You will need to spend on their food, vaccinations, and other things. So keep that in mind.

Parting Thoughts

These were the topmost and easiest five methods that you can use for natural pest control in Peoria AZ. If the pest problem still persists, you can take the help of local professional pest control service providers. They provide all-round pest control right from termites to rodents to cockroach control in Peoria AZ. Just give them a call and keep your home pest-free!