Do you live in an apartment? Are you concerned about scorpions? How do you identify, communicate and keep these pests away to prevent a potentially dangerous situation? That’s the question a lot of homeowners are asking. This topic should be taken seriously as scorpions are venomous arachnids and can be very harmful to humans. So, Don’t stress! As your trusted pest control Surprise AZ, we have you covered with these top ways to keep scorpions away from your apartment and make your place feel like home. 


Keep Your Apartment Clean

Scorpions thrive in dirty places because they can hide under piles of clutter, making it difficult for you to find them. They also like to live near their food sources to hunt them easily. This is why they like to live in dirty kitchens with crumbs left behind by kids or adults. So keep your kitchen clean by sweeping up crumbs after dinner or lunch.

Eliminate Moisture Leaks

Scorpions are attracted to moisture and love to stay in areas where they can hide. Eliminate any water leak, no matter how small it is. Harsh weather can cause leaking pipes and other plumbing structures in your home, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

Seal Entrances

Remember that scorpions can get into your home through minor openings, such as gaps in entrances, open doors, open windows, and holes or cracks in your home, so keep an eye out for these when searching for entryways. Incorporating door sweeps into your home’s doors will not only assist in insulating it but will also aid in keeping these pests out of your home.

Remove Debris

Scorpions will invade your home if they can hide in your backyard. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on the overgrown landscaping around your house. To avoid them from hiding in your backyard, keep any palm trees, overgrown bushes, grass, or other plants that may offer them cover manicured. In addition, scorpions often make themselves at home in woodpiles. Store any wood away from structures and above the ground to keep them away from the perimeter of your home.

Install Outdoor Lights

If your property has outdoor lights installed, then it can deter scorpions from coming onto your property at night when they come out to hunt for food and prey. You will want to install outdoor lights in areas where scorpions are trying to come into your home from and then add perimeter lighting as well so that you can see where the scorpions are too before they get inside of your home.

Consult a Professional

Despite all of the do-it-yourself scorpion control tactics, you may still find yourself fighting these creatures in or near your apartment. Contact the experts at Granada Pest Control if you want to keep scorpions at bay. We have skilled specialists and the necessary tools to remove scorpions from your property and keep them out of your home. Our certified professionals will exterminate scorpions in a safe, effective, and timely manner. If you have any questions about scorpion control, please contact us right away!