Rodents seek refuge indoors, particularly during the cooler fall and winter months; once inside, they may inflict more than simply a bothersome infestation. By nibbling through cables, rodents put homes at risk of electrical fires. Rodents, on the other hand, are more commonly utilized as vectors, carrying infections such as salmonella and polluting food supply, kitchen surfaces, and equipment. As your trusted pest control Peoria AZ experts, we provide some tips and tricks to keep rodent out of your home.

Take Away All Outside Food Sources

Gardens and fruit trees can be quite appealing to rodents. Remove spilled fruit from the ground on a regular basis if you have fruit trees. Keep the tree clipped to eliminate rodent hiding places. Make a rodent guard for your trees by wrapping a 2-foot piece of sheet metal around the trunk. Keep the garden clean of rotting food and hiding places. Plant mint family members in and around your garden to deter. As a deterrent, you can also spray predator urine (such as fox urine) along the perimeter of your garden. This is typically available in both powder and liquid form at your local garden store.

Maintain A Clean Environment In And Around Your Home

If rodents don’t have food, they have no motivation to come into your home. Don’t leave food out in your home or around it. Make certain that garbage cans and pet food are safely stored in rodent-proof bins.

Consider Investing In Mint

The aroma of mint is repulsive to both rats and mice. Plant mint in your yard and apply peppermint oil to attic beams and other spots where you’ve had rodent problems. Even a few dried mint leaves can help.

Find A New Buddy At Your Local Shelter

Cats are an excellent deterrent for keeping rats away from your yard and away from your home. To scare off mice and rats, the cat does not need to be an expert mouser. Their very presence serves as a deterrent.

Get Rid Of Any Current Rodents

Trapping and baiting are two strategies for getting rid of mice and rats. For trapping, employ snap-style traps, which are designed to kill rats instantly. When baiting, utilize tamper-resistant bait stations that keep the baits in place while keeping youngsters and pets out. Place traps or bait along common pathways where droppings and gnaw marks can be found. Paths are commonly made of ledges, fence rails, and foundations.

Protect Your Home By Sealing It

Use the recommended rodent-proofing products to seal all holes along your exterior. Pay close attention to the doors, windows, and vents.

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That’s a huge list of things to do to keep mice and rats at bay. Don’t have the time, materials, or confidence to remove rodents? Granada Pest Control can help. We’re experienced in dealing with rodent infestations and exterminating them from your house as pest control professionals. Contact us right now to take care of your mouse infestation and avoid future rodent pest control issues.