If you’ve had mice or rats in your home, you’ve probably either hired a professional pest control Surprise AZ to get rid of them or attempted to do it yourself. But how do you know for sure that the problem has been resolved? If you suspect that your tiny furry pests are still active in your home, here are five ways to determine their presence.

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Assessing the Size of a Rodent Infestation

But first, we must understand how specific indicators might be utilized to determine the size of a population. If rodents are only spotted at night and never during the day, it’s likely not too huge and can be managed with traps and bait. If you observe any rats during the day, as well as several fresh droppings or new gnaw marks, the population has likely become relatively large. It may require expert rodent control Surprise AZ services if you haven’t previously called a pest control firm the first time you noticed the problem.

We at Granada Pest Control will tell you five signs of a mouse infestation to keep an eye out for.

  1. You’ve Come Across Rodent Droppings.

Fresh feces are dark and moist in appearance. The droppings of rats and mice deteriorate with time, becoming old and gray in appearance, and they swiftly disintegrate if moved. Droppings can often be found near food packages, in drawers or cabinets, under sinks, in secluded locations, and along rat tracks. Rat droppings will be found in plenty where the rats are reproducing or feeding. Explore the area surrounding the newly discovered droppings to assess whether or not there is still an active (or new) rat infestation in the area.

  1. Irregular Behavior in Your Pet

If you find your dog or cat clawing at the walls or acting suspiciously in a specific area of your home or apartment, this could be an indication of the presence of rats. You should make a note of the spots where they are exhibiting this behavior, as this information will be essential when you hire a rodent control Surprise AZ to inspect your home.

  1. The Smell of Rotten

Whenever a rodent dies inside a house, the odor is unbearably strong. We strongly recommend starting to ask with a licensed professional. A pest control Surprise AZ professional can find and remove deceased rodents or pests because they can be quite harmful if they are not handled correctly. If you opt to remove a dead rodent on your own, make sure to wear gloves and a mask.

  1. Gnaw Marks Are Visible

In contrast to droppings, young rodent gnaw marks are lighter in color and darken over time. The chewed holes may be visible on food packaging or the walls. One method for determining age is to compare a recently discovered grind mark to those on a similar substance that is known to be older. If the newly discovered marks are paler in color than the previously detected marks, it is possible that the infestation is still ongoing. The markings can also tell you whether you have rats or mice; rats’ larger teeth cause greater gnaw marks. If you had a mouse problem in the past but are now seeing more gnaw marks, you may have rats in your home.

  1. You Can Hear Scratching Noises

If you had a mouse infestation in the past but are now finding more gnaw marks, you may have rats in your residence. They may be heard darting beneath the flooring, scampering around cabinets, or burrowing behind walls and joists. It’s possible that you’ll hear muted squeaking. It is conceivable that you will listen to a faint squeaky sound. Assuming you have a cat or other pet, keep an eye on them to see if they’re keeping an eye out for anything going on behind a wall and then place your ear up against the wall to see if you can pick up any sounds. Take a pet’s curiosity with a grain of salt; your pet may have simply spotted a spider or a dust bunny!

Rodent pest problems can develop year-round. Being proactive about rodent pest infestation can significantly improve your quality of life. For all your rodent control Surprise AZ and other pest control Surprise AZ needs, contact our experts at Granada Pest Control. Our dedicated team of professionals can build an efficient pest barrier around your property and keep it up with regular treatments. Schedule your appointment now!