Do you believe you have a carpenter ant or termite munching on your home’s wood frame? When we talk about termites vs. ants, one is easy to spot because it is out and visible, while the other is more subtle but may cause significant damage to a home over time. When it comes to eradicating flying ants or engaging a termite exterminator, it is critical to know the differences between the two types of extermination processes. These insects are relatively abundant, and having pest control Surprise AZ is necessary. If you’re unsure if you see termites or ants, these recommendations can help you determine which insect is visiting your property and whether you need professional assistance.



The body form of termites and carpenter ants differs significantly. Ahead and thorax distinguish termites from ants, which have a head, thorax, and abdomen (see the difference in the images above). Termite wings are often substantially longer than ant wings, measuring nearly twice as long as the termite body. Ant wings are merely a fraction of the length of the ant’s body.


Both eat the wood in homes. The distinction is that termites feed on wood. On the other hand, Carpenter ants are unable to digest wood cellulose, so they tunnel into it to build a nesting house. When conducting pest control in Surprise, AZ, keep in mind that termites and ants both require access to water and thrive in a damp environment. Carpenter ants cannot chew solid foods and must rely on wetness to make tiny fragments of food palatable. One approach to keep both of these pests at bay is to fix any leaks or moisture concerns as soon as possible, such as leaking faucets and inadequate drainage.


Carpenter ants build tidy, smooth, and polished tunnels and galleries. Termite galleries and tunnels will be rough, even ragged, and mud-caked. Termites form mud tubes on the outside walls and foundation, often visible. The ability of termites to gnaw through wood, flooring, and even wallpaper undetected has earned them the moniker “silent destroyers.” Carpenter ant infestations, like termite infestations, are frequently overlooked until it is too late. Carpenter ants, unlike termites, take years to do severe damage.


Because carpenter ants and termites are so dissimilar, the most effective control strategies are likewise different. Carpenter ants can usually be handled by removing the conditions that attract them. Still, a termite infestation will almost always necessitate expert intervention. Both insects will be controlled utilizing a multi-pronged approach involving the use of several chemicals to kill current insects and deter other infections. It will also be necessary to remove and replace structural timber that the insects have harmed. These pests can wreak havoc on a home’s structure over time, so always seek assistance from experts in Pest Control Surprise, AZ.

In order to protect your house and family from these dangerous pests, Our dedicated team in Granada Pest Control can precisely assess the type of problem you’re dealing with and create a customized solution. Aside from that, our specialists will offer guidance on avoiding future bug infestations. As soon as you can, please give us a call!