Termite Control Services

Why You Need a Termite Pest Control

In most cases, termites aren’t a source of concern for homeowners. that is, until you discover that your entire house may have to be demolished as the result of a negligent termite control program. In addition to providing a thorough termite treatment and pest control system, Granada Pest Control also uses the most effective treatments available on the market. Homeowners who do not have termite control may suffer damage from these pests.

How We Get Rid of Termites:

It is extremely important to us at Granada Pest Control that the quality of your termite treatment is excellent. Every one of the following items is included in our termite treatment services:

  1. The first of them is a termite inspection, which is carried out by Granada Pest Control in accordance with American Standards, which state that properties should be checked at least once a year, with more regular inspections encouraged.

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  2. Pest control system with termite baiting: This system monitors and removes termites in and around the residence.
  3. Liquid barriers: Termidor is a liquid barrier termite treatment that we use to repel termites and create a protected zone around the house.

Why Should You Choose Granada Pest and Termite Control

When it comes to termite treatment companies for your house, you have a lot of alternatives. No other option, on the other hand, can compare to the termite treatment and control services provided by Granada Pest and Termite Control. Our termite control is ecologically friendly. While chemical-free solutions to termite infestations are not always the most successful, they do provide the satisfaction that comes from working with an environmentally conscious company. Environmental management requirements are followed by our team. We have innovative detection methods. Our termite detection dogs add an added layer of confidence to your termite management and treatment plan by detecting termites in their natural environment.