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Before listing a home for sale, a homeowner may secure the best possible outcome by executing these simple pest management tasks and contacting scorpion control Sun City AZ services for a professional inspection.

When putting a new home for sale in the spring, homeowners must undergo extensive pest inspections. Adding a fresh coat of paint, repairing damaged appliances, and landscaping the yard are all important steps toward making a home appealing to potential buyers, but pest infestations can be a deal-breaker.

Seal Structure & Sun City Scorpion Control

Many different species of creatures try to avoid the cold by sneaking into warm places during the winter. Make sure to seal the perimeter of your home before the temperatures dip too low.

Make certain that all holes and cracks are thoroughly covered. Also, keep an eye out for any lines that lead outdoors, such as the exhaust pipe for the clothes dryer.

Small cracks in doors and windows allow scorpions to enter. Examine the attic for any openings, attic vents, or roofing. The louvers and gables that cover these vents cost less than $30. Replace any vents that have been opened, damaged, or distorted as soon as possible.

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Scorpion Control Sun City

Maintenance of the gutters and eaves will also prevent water from accumulating near the structure. Stagnant water is a favorite place where larvae grow and mosquitoes hover around which can be a significant pest problem as warmer weather arrives.

Pests can squeeze their way in areas where cracks are available on doors and windows while they wait for the chance to sneak into the home.

Scorpion Control Sun City AZ pest management technicians often pay close attention to the exterior of these areas, especially during the winter months. Do your part indoors just in case some try to sneak in unnoticed.

Scorpion Control Services Sun City AZ

Water will be kept away from the structure if the gutters and eaves are kept in good condition. Stagnant water is a popular habitat for larvae and mosquitoes, which may be a severe pest problem when the weather warms.

Pests can squeeze their way through crevices in doors and windows while waiting for an opportunity to enter the residence. Pest control professionals frequently inspect the exterior of these structures, especially during the winter months. Do your part inside in case someone tries to sneak in unnoticed.


Granada Pest and Termite Control also offer services in the following areas:

Granada Pest Control Scorpion Control Procedure


We utilize Integrated Pest Management techniques to conduct thorough inspections. Before we begin, we’ll perform an interview with the customer to determine what they’re noticing, followed by an inspection to determine the type of scorpion you’re dealing with on your property and how they’re getting into your home.


Granada Pest Control employs microencapsulated scorpion treatments that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. By employing an Integrated Pest Management strategy, we can reduce their food supplies, access channels, and safe haven. Following treatment, follow the instructions on how to keep scorpions out of your home.


Before establishing a personalized treatment plan for your scorpion infestation, our experts will take the time to learn all of the factors unique to your specific case. Our skilled specialists will not stop until your home or business is scorpion-free and stays that way. Our professional scorpion removal services are guaranteed to work!

Offerings for Scorpion Control

Scorpions have strong outer shells that make many pesticides ineffectual at removing them. Granada Pest Control suggests an integrated pest management (IPM) approach for the greatest results. To minimize pest populations, IPM employs a comprehensive program of prevention, monitoring, and control. Our IPM procedures keep scorpions at bay by removing their food sources, access portals, and safe-havens.

Scorpion Sealing

Scorpion sealing is a method by which we seal your home to prevent scorpions from entering. Granada Pest Control is a specialist at determining where scorpions enter your home and sealing those access points with safe and effective environmentally-friendly sealant solutions. By concentrating on sealing your home, we can ensure that fewer dangerous substances enter and disrupt your life while also preventing pests from bothering you.

Granada Pest and Termite Control have proven methods to keep scorpions out while ensuring proper ventilation throughout your property. Our experts can locate and seal all possible scorpion entry spots around your house, including fractures, holes, and gaps from the outside. Contact us for all your scorpion control needs!