How Do Professional Pest Control In Glendale AZ Exterminators Kill Bedbugs?

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A professional pest control in Glendale AZ exterminators kill bedbugs by using highly specialized tools and solutions in bed bug extermination. They will use highly specialized tools to search your home, determining if you do, in fact, have bed bugs.

Some Facts About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are quite difficult to spot, especially during daylight hours. You may not even know they’re there. But they’re causing all sorts of problems for homeowners, hotel owners, retail stores, and even hospitals. They are bed bugs, which are becoming a real nuisance to people all across the U.S.

Hotels are closing down because of them. Retail stores have shut down for lengthy periods of time struggling to get rid of them. Hospitals are scrambling to do damage control as they phone extermination companies while managing potential PR disasters. Even university dorm rooms are struggling with these pesky little critters that leave large swollen bite marks and an over-ripened raspberry stench.

So how do bed bugs get into hidden spots? How do you get rid of them? And what can you do to exterminate them for good? Call a pest control in Peoria AZ to check your place and eliminate them.

Areas Where Bed Bugs Are Usually Found

First of all, bed bugs are not indicative of poor hygiene. If you find bed bugs in your home, it’s not because you are a dirty person or have a filthy home. Instead bed bugs travel in fabrics, such as purses, luggage, sweaters, and jackets. They also nestle in old mattresses, bed comforters, box springs, chairs, and couches after traveling.

Box springs make up the largest percentage of bed bug infestations at 34.6 percent, followed by couches/chairs at 22.6 percent, and third, mattresses, at 22.4 percent.

As far as prevention, you will want to make sure to routinely vacuum mattresses and other crevices in fabrics, and do so extensively. You’ll want to make sure to hang all jackets and coats up rather than placing them on beds, couches, and furniture. The same goes for suitcases and purses. Hang purses up and keep luggage off the floor.

While bed bugs are becoming more and more difficult to prevent, following the tips above and seeking the expert services from a pest control in Peoria AZ will keep you and your belongings safe.

Dealing With Pesky Bedbugs

You and your family can keep your home free of these nasty, pesky little creatures. Never buy old mattresses or bed frames. Sure you may get a great deal online or you really like the vintage look on this headboard, but old pieces of furniture are loaded with bed bugs. If you must have a piece of furniture, and absolutely can’t live without it, inspect it thoroughly by bringing it into your home. Also don’t hesitate to consult a professional pest control in Peoria AZ so your home is surely free of these bugs.

Buying A New Home In ? Check For Any Presence Of Bedbugs First

While most states require home sellers to disclose any defects with the house, including pest infestations, there are some loopholes in the laws. Specifically, these sellers’ disclosure documents don’t ask specifically about bed bugs or other pests, other than termites.

Part of the problem is that people may not even know they have them until they see bed bug bites on themselves or those who live or visit their home.

So, what are bed bugs and what do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs are extraordinarily small, nocturnal insects that hide in dark crevices during the day while feeding on blood at night.

They have oval bodies that are flat before feeding. They have undeveloped wings and they are a light to dark red/brown color. Adults can grow between a quarter of an inch to 3/8 of an inch, which is about the size of an apple seed.

As they feed, their bodies grow a deeper color and they bloat, kind of like a tick. One of the differences between the insects is that a bed bug will release an anesthetic into the body of its prey, which can cause red, itchy welts. They feed every 2 to 3 weeks, and must feed at least once in order to grow to their next level; however, these little pests can survive for up to seven months without a blood meal.

That means that empty house you’ve been eying can still have bed bugs in it. To be certain that the house you like is pest-free, contact Glendale AZ exterminators for bed bugs.

As you’re searching for your dream house with your realtor, keep in mind that you should beware. Do your due diligence before finalizing any home sale, because you may be buying a home that has a serious bed bug problem. The best way to counteract this is to hire a Glendale AZ exterminators company before buying the house and moving in.